Winter Season Is Cold And Flu Season

Although many of us are accustomed to Winter time as the purveyor of colds and flu, we need to be reminded of some of the best ways to prevent or at the very minimum, reduce our own and our family’s risk of getting sick and sharing it throughout the family.
Vaccinations are quite successful in warding off Influenza, in addition to Pneumonia risks. Unfortunately, the common cold will likely be the most predominate visitor in our lives as long as the cold temperatures and wet weather keep us indoors. Sealed within our warm dry homes, germs and bacteria are often not foremost on our minds. That is until the coughing, sneezing, runny nose and fevers take some of us from our normally active selves to a tired, miserable and otherwise productive, germ-factory.
Afterall, the sunset begins, this time of year at 4:30pm. As the chicken soup, menthol rubs and Advil or Tylenol predominate our daily intake, (along with lots of fluids), it becomes very easy to reside mainly in bed or on the couch. For such a common malady as the cold to debilitate us until we revert to our childhood and want nothing more than hot soup, juice, cough drops and/or simple sleep, is truly remarkable for such a common virus.
Lots of hand washing. Wiping down of hard surfaces like countertops, faucets and door knobs with a bleach solution. Alcohol based sanitizer and covering our mouths when coughing or sneezing…. And washing our hands again….and again…..and again.
Replacing toothbrushes, changing out face towels and even wiping down the steering wheel in the car we drive can help immensely.
But try as we might, very few of us will go the season without so much as a symptom. Even as the scheduled shopping season for the holidays brings about a higher risk of catching someone else’s cold or flu. Shopping carts, if tested, would likely prove to be a wheeled Petri dish of bacteria and germs. Anything we can do to minimize our exposure to the microscopic bugs in our midst is a help to resisting and if affected, recovering from our friends, cold and flu.