Seasonal Affective Disorder – 9/2017 Update

Seasonal Affective Disorder Update September 22, 2017

This is it. The time of year where many of us notice and are directly affected by
the shorter days, cooler nights and much less sun than we have experienced for
the last 3 months.
Seasonal Affective Disorder, will have an effect on many of us here in the Pacific Northwest, especially so for a good number of folks who have come here from a
warmer and sunnier climate.
Acclimation to our seasonal changes can be a bit different than many other locations in the U.S., especially those South of the equator. We are far less likely
to experience days in the coming months in the 70’s or 80’s than, for example, Arizona or southern California.
SADS lighting can have an incredible effect on how our mind and body perceive and
respond when our need for sunlight has not been met naturally.
Currently, the recommended light output for a positive and sometimes lasting relief
of the Winter blues, as it is called in many circles, is 10,000 LUX.
The Verilux 10k Happy Light is one such device that has been known to make quite
a positive difference in one’s ability to tackle the day and also help our minds know
when to gear down and assist us in getting a good night’s sleep.
Amazon has this item listed at $99.95. Beaverton Pharmacy sells this item for