Support Your Local Retailers

Support Local Brick-And-Mortar Stores:

The year is 2017. Rare, is the small town local retailer. Usually managed by the owner, everyone who lives nearby knew them. Their kids went to school with your kids. They would see you at the post office or out to dinner or at the grocery store and always wave and even stop to talk…. I know, right? They acknowledged you and stopped to talk face to face.
When we delve into the effects of a lack of interpersonal communications, we see a defining trend toward an introverted society. Meaning: When we cease to leave our homes and interact with the world around us, to shop, to exercise, to eat, we have lost something valuable. How many of us have seen a family sit down at a restaurant, each brandishing their smart phone or tablet and proceed to text friends, blog, read news and not say one word to each other? So we log in to Facebook, update our daily activities, message with friends and family. Log in to the pizza place and order for delivery. Log in to Amazon, order our nephew’s birthday gift. Log in to Safeway or Fred Meyer, order our groceries, delivered. All from the convenience of our devices. Wherever we are.
Should we choose to break out of that loop, we find that our local brick and mortar businesses are scarce and have been overshadowed by the very large and all-encompassing corporate owned super stores. They stock everything under the sun, in order to capture as much of the retail market under one roof.
To know that your purchase will benefit your local economy, help provide jobs and allow for increased growth, economically and socially, should make us feel proud to have such a boon to the commerce in our city.
Your local retailers are there for you. To answer your questions, give advice if asked and learn about you and your needs. They will talk with you, not simply at you. Genuinely trying to find you an answer or product to suit your needs. This simple act of interaction and conversation has become virtually lost in lieu of electronic data transfers. Personal service in addition to competitive pricing lend credence to the value of your local entrepreneur… In addition, your personal data and buying history are never collected nor sold to the highest bidder.